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Elite Car Modifications

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The Elite Cars are one of the leading and largest showrooms in Dubai, specializing in new and pre-owned British, German, and Italian automobiles.

Elite Cars: Hyundai Elite i20 is a quite a popular car among car modifiers of the country. European looks and a long list of features make it a modifier’s delight. We bring you five gorgeously modified Elite i20s of India.

Green Beast: One of meanest looking Elite i20s in India is from Kerala. It gets many changes like the widebody kit and the sharp green color. There is also a big hood scoop, a new bumper with splitter and modifications done to the headlamps. The Elite i20 becomes much wider with the new body kit and looks very aggressive. It also gets quad exhaust tips and upgraded, wider tires on the aftermarket rims.

Sunset Orange: This is another fluorescent color based Elite i20 that has been heavily modified. This one also comes from Kerala and gets a super wide body kit. The body now has wide wheel arches that give it a menacing look. There is also a big scoop on the hood and the stock grille and bumper have been changed completely to give it a new identity. The only stock part of the vehicle is the headlamp units.

Dark Knight:  This one is also from Kerala. The Elite i20 gets a complete makeover with the new job. The car gets high-gloss metallic black paint finish and aftermarket bumper with integrated LED DRLs. The customized kit also adds larger air intakes. The headlamps now get angel eye rings around the projector headlamps giving it a new identity. The modification job also adds negative offset wheels which are sprayed in gunmetal black paint and are wrapped in low profile tire. At the rear, the car gets a new bumper with a diffuser and roof-mounted spoiler.

Mustang: The iconic Mustang is a poster car of many enthusiasts. This project tries to mimic the legendary muscle car with a custom body kit. It gets a similar three-part grille, a larger air intake, and a customized wide body kit. At the rear, the custom job adds wider fenders to the vehicle. To give it a sporty look, there are dual exhaust tips with a new diffuser. At the front, the vehicle gets vertical LED cluster on either side. Overall, the vehicle looks quite impressive.

White siren:  Here is another example of modified Elite i20 from Kerala. It gets subtle modifications that actually make it look unique. The front of the vehicle gets red accents on the grille and the fog lamps. The red accents can also be seen on the mirrors. It gets an aftermarket wide profile rims with low profile tires. The rims have been painted red in accordance with the whole red theme of the body.

These are the recent modifications of Elite cars.