An overview of vehicle modification

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Car modification can count as the alterations done to automobiles. The changes done are mainly applied to the vehicle performance or appearance and in some cases to both. The modification of vehicle divides mostly into three categories, and they are as follows:

• Functional modification
• Performance Modification
• Aesthetic Modification

Details about useful change

This modification includes an alteration to the functionality of the vehicles or addition of some extra functions to the automobiles. Some of the items or tasks that fall into this category are the installation of the air conditioner, sunroofs, roof rack, car phone, a navigation system, and many more similar objects. Mirrors embellishment can also be considered as modification to your vehicle which give a classic look. The addition of extra functionality that was not previously present in the automobile is known as functional mods.

Details about performance modification

The performance modification of a vehicle includes the process that can upgrade the performance of an automobile. Car performance modifications are done to boost the fuel efficiency, the power and also the handling of the vehicle and many more things. Brakes, exhaust system, air filters, tires, suspensions, etc. are some of the parts modified under this modification category.

Details about aesthetic modification

This type of change is also known as a cosmetic modification. The primary function of this modification is to bring in a better look at the vehicles and make it unique in appearance. The changes made are done both to the interior as well as the exterior of the car, and these modifications are known as aesthetic. But the cosmetic adjustment at times is not just related to appearance modification at times it affects the performance of the vehicle by modifying or tweaking the body of the car. The stock body often adjusts under this category and the shape alteration which specific kits that make the car more stable.

Some widespread modifications that are preferred by a vast number of enthusiastic are
Supercharger or turbocharger- The engine of a vehicle can be supercharged or turbocharged to enhance its performance. The torque delivery and the peak power are improvised to improve the full functioning of the engines of the automobiles.

Remapping of the Engine Control Unit – The ECU has the job of controlling the air-fuel mixture in the engine of a vehicle. The ECU is set lower than the potential of the car to control a safety net. The remapping leads to unleashing of the entire potential of the vehicles and in turn the performance of the automobile is improved.

Nitrous kit installation- This modification is not much common despite being popular among enthusiastic. The streetcars must not be injected with nitrous as it is illegal in all places around the world. This kit can enhance the engine power by multiple times but for a short period only.
Up gradation of breaks- Brakes are crucially crucial in car handling activity. The handling acts highly depend on the breaks. Therefore the parts of the breaks such as a master cylinder and brake shoes are upgraded from time to time to get better performance by the brakes.

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